CLEAN.liquid Trial Kit
CLEAN.liquid Trial KitContents: 8 x CLEAN.liquid 60ml shades CLEAN.liquid 10.6 Lightest Violet Blonde  CLEAN.liquid 10.67 Lightest Violet Brunette Blonde CLEAN.liquid 6.0 Dark Blonde CLEAN.liquid 7.1 Ash Blonde CLEAN.liquid 8WN Light Warm Natural Blonde CLEAN.liquid 9.13 Very Light Beige Blonde CLEAN.liquid...
$389.40 $97.35
COR.color Trial Kit
CØR.color Trial KitContents: 10 x CØR.color shades COR.color 6.0 Dark Blonde COR.color 6.03 Dark Beige Blonde COR.color 7WN Warm Natural Blonde COR.color 7.4 Copper Blonde COR.color 7.8 Pearl Blonde COR.color 8.7 Light Brunette Blonde COR.color 9.6 Very Light Violet Blonde...
$781.00 $195.25

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